About ARPB

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A jane of many trades...

A metalsmith, multimedia artist, craftswoman, feminist, and dreamer. She spends her time in the studio creating original hand-made jewelry, small-scale sculpture, making production items for other local craftswomen, drinking lots of coffee, writing, reading, and dancing to loud music late into the night.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) from Oregon College of Art and Craft, with a concentration in metalsmithing, (2013) and a Bachelor of Environmental Design (BED) from Texas A&M University (2007). These two disparate background fields combine in her work; she commonly explores scale, utility, identity, technology, location, and community.

In 2013, she joined forces with her partner, Gabrielle, to form Sloth & Squirrel, a design collaboration of Craft and tech -- the slow pace of hand-craft (the sloth-speed) and the more frenetic quickness of digital design and fabrication (squirrel-speed). Gabrielle, the Squirrel, creates digital artwork that is 3D printed or laser cut; Adrian, the Sloth, prefers to get her hands dirty in the studio making (and often remaking) jewelry and sculptural art objects using traditional Craft methods (yes, that's Craft with a capital 'C').


2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
Adrian has read 39 books toward her goal of 150 books.